'Flood danger Florence more than 24 hours ago'

'Flood danger Florence more than 24 hours ago'

World September 16, 2018 12:48

washington - Hurricane Florence has been watered down to a tropical depression, but the danger has not yet receded for the inhabitants of the American states of North and South Carolina. The wind is still blowing and there is a lot of rain. The death toll of the storm is now at thirteen, including a mother with her child.

'The danger of flooding this storm is more acute today than it was when it landed 24 hours ago,' the governor of North Carolina said on Saturday. 'We are dealing with walls of water along our coasts, along our rivers, on our farmland in our towns and villages,' Roy Cooper said.

Abundant rainfall continues to cause problems on Sunday due to the already soaked soil. The water can not be absorbed, leaving entire areas blank. There is a risk of landslides in higher areas further to the west.

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