Flemish flash player sees 'inhibitor'

World November 5, 2017 22:18

brugge - https://www.telegraaf.nl/images/900x600/filters:format(jpeg):quality(80)/cdn-kiosk-api.telegraaf.nl/0f798baa-c277-11e7-ac92-c14201d5de8e.jpg

On the road at which 50 km / h is allowed, a speed of 33 km / h was measured. Still, he was wrong. According to the report, he has hampered hard because of the speed control. The man himself denies that he brakes because he saw the speed pole. He would look for a parking lot.

The police chief of the Aalter police force reports to VTM News that motorists can indeed be fined for 'creating a dangerous road situation' and hard brakes fall below them.

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