Flawinne attack suspect caught

Flawinne attack suspect caught

World October 26, 2015 15:33

- Whoever Monday presumably an attempt has to commit to the barracks of the paratroopers in the Belgian Flawinne, was arrested. Confirm that both the prosecution in Namur and the Belgian Ministry of Defence.

A masked man tried around 09:00 am first on foot and later by his car to arrive at the site of the barracks. Soldiers have fired some warning shots, which hit the man on the run. His car was a kilometer or three later found in a field.

Since it was suspected that there was a bomb on board the car, DOVO is - the Belgian version of the exlosievenopruimingsdienst - it sent off. The car is just towed past noon; there was no bomb on board.


Nothing is known about the identity of the suspect or his motives. A spokesman for the prosecutor's office in Namur told the newspaper De Morgen to understand the attack at all, "Why would you attack military barracks There are enough weapons there to fight back."

Belgian authorities report that the suspect, which has already been arraigned, acted alone.


There are about 650 soldiers stationed in the barracks, even the most off Monday on an exercise. The complex on Rue Joseph Durieux also includes a museum about the 'Corps de Garde'. The village is situated on the river, a few kilometers from the city of Namur.

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