Flashed at 252 km / h and still free

World November 30, 2017 09:30

pommeroeul - A Flemish motorcyclist flew on November 8, 2015 with 252 km / h along a flash in the Belgian Pommeroeul. However, the judge has now acquitted the man. Reason: The speed devil did not show up in his trial on the advice of his lawyer, which made the facts old.

The trick of the lawyer Christophe Redko has encountered a lot of resistance. 'Madness', says police judge Peter D'Hondt against Het Laatste Nieuws. 'Stay away from your trial, because driving too quickly ends in one year,' the lawyer had told his client.

Initially, the Kawasaki motorcyclist was convicted despite his absence in the courtroom. On the last day that the statutory period expired to file an appeal, Redko did so anyway. 'The judge was only able to determine the limitation period in the appeal proceedings. Result: road fine, road driving ban, 'he says.

D'Hondt does not even blame the lawyer. Well the government: 'We should not blame the lawyer, but we should blame the law. Because that allows such abuses today. '

He also wants the limitation periods to be increased. 'Driving too fast, driving a ghost and driving through the red lights is no longer valid after one year. That's nothing. '

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