FitBit makes exercises more transparent

FitBit makes exercises more transparent

Tech November 24, 2015 10:30

- FitBit has announced three new features that make use of the fitness bands of the company have to make a lot more convenient. It is, inter alia, possible to set in weekly goals as well as some straps have the ability to recognize automatically exercises.

All FitBit users will soon have the opportunity to set up a work schedule with pre- set targets. So you can more easily from one week to track how you progress with your exercises. People with FitBit Charge HR and FitBit Surge get two additional functions at their disposal. Their bands are due to a software update smarter. The FitBits now discover for yourself which exercises you have done and how long you've done that. The transactions are then automatically synchronized with the FitBit app on your smartphone. A third improvement is related to the monitoring of heart rate. The Surge and Charge HR will henceforth do better with the new feature PurePulse. With PurePulse the history of your heart rate more transparent and easier to compare with your activities.

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