Fishermen gather to shrinking area

Fishermen gather to shrinking area

World June 25, 2016 09:27

- There will meet expected several hundred fishermen sat in Urk for an action meeting. The profession is angry because her work in the North Sea is likely to be smaller and smaller by the construction of wind farms, designating nature reserves at sea and sand.

,, The fishermen are more than enough, 'says Derk Jan Berends, secretary of the Dutch Fishermen's Association. He is also Saturday at the crisis meeting, an initiative of concerned fishermen who have joined the action committee Unity Makes Strength.

According Berends is the British solution better for the fishermen. In the UK North Sea fishing boats allowed between the windmills throw nets. The cables are buried in the soil. Berends:,, That's expensive, but you leave it the fishery do its work. The Netherlands believes that too expensive, it all should cost nothing. '
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