Fish feminine by chemicals in water

Fish feminine by chemicals in water

World July 3, 2017 11:45

exeter - Freshwater fish in rivers and lakes in England are increasingly changing male males. According to scientists, chemicals come through water in the water.

Twenty percent of the fish have developed more female characteristics through polluted water, say the researchers, who are connected to the University of Exeter. The chemicals come from the contraceptive pill and byproducts of cleaning cloths, plastic packaging and makeup. Anti-depressants also cause fish behavior to change.

The chemicals have the effect of reducing sperm production and promoting egg production. The effects of the fish are also measured in the offspring of the fish. For example, fish with an increased estrogen balance are often less aggressive and competitive. In this way, male females with female dreams are less attractive to the other sex, which causes them to reproduce less easily.

Fish psychologist Charles Tyler mentions the situation against British media problematically. 'The research shows that the effect of chemicals on fish is much larger than we thought previously. '

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