First nuclear transport on water in Germany

First nuclear transport on water in Germany

World June 28, 2017 11:36

obrigheim - For the first time, the authorities in Germany allow nuclear waste to be transported to temporary storage via the water. On Wednesday, early in the morning, under strict safety measures, a ship was loaded with three containers of radioactive waste at the stationed Obrigheim station.

The ship will make a 50km journey across the Neckar towards Neckarwestheim where the waste will be in temporary storage.

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / dpa Picture-Alliance GmbH

Opponents had announced demonstrations and soon heard of themselves. Four activists put themselves in Bad Wimpfen with a large banner of a bridge, which meant that the transport had to be stopped. The police sent special units to the shore connection to remove the activists.

The police accompanies the transport by boat, a helicopter and staff on shore. The trip is expected to take twelve hours but will now expire.

According to energy company EnBW, water transport is a safe way. The company will transport three containers five times in the next few weeks.

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