First Brexit-results come from far

First Brexit-results come from far

World June 22, 2016 12:39

london - The first results are in the British referendum on membership of the European Union expected at the beginning of Friday, June 24th from the Scilly Islands and Gibraltar. The Isles of Scilly are isolated off the coast of the southwest of England and other British corner Gibraltar, which lies at the southern tip of Spain.

The results do not indicate the final result. The Isles live only 2300 people of Gibraltar and it is known that it is not served by a departure from the EU and even risk serious problems. It is only in the course of the night, estimated at around 04. 30 Dutch time, clearer which way things are going.

There are, according to reports from British media Thursday no 'exit polls'. But pollsters show their work well again, as the company Ipsos Mori to figures published research earlier this week was done. YouGov comes with a poll Thursday at 23. 00 carried out on the same day. At that time, closing the polling stations that were open UK time at 07. 00.
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The 46.5 million voters cast their votes in 41 000 polling stations. According to observers, is a low turnout in the referendum for the Brits who want to leave the EU. The EU's nationalist opponents were more motivated to vote than supporters.

Most young Britons, according to studies for EU membership, but less likely to vote. A reasonably high turnout would be good news for EU membership. Some observers warn, however, that an extremely high turnout, as more than 80 percent, brexit supporters again may play into the hands.

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