Firefighter rocks baby asleep after accident

Firefighter rocks baby asleep after accident

World June 5, 2018 10:39

chattanooga - An endearing photo of an American fire brigade commander who lulls a baby to sleep after an accident passes the world. A girl less than four months old was involved in a car accident with her older sisters and pregnant mother. The girl was completely upset and found peace in the arms of fireman Chris Blazek. 'This is what it is all about.'

That is what Blazek writes on the Facebook page of Chattanooga Fire Department.

Blazek had just returned from a house fire and was in the shower when he and his men were summoned for another emergency. Car 6 had to rush to a traffic accident on Highway 58.

A pregnant mother and her three children, who were all in the back seat, got involved in the accident. 'The mother was pretty good about her tours because she had stomach and back pain,' Blazek remembers. 'The two oldest girls were fine, but the little girl cried hysterically. So I took her out of the car seat and quickly checked if she was wrong.

She immediately put her head against my shoulder. Then I decided that my colleagues could do it alone. The situation was fine and I took a break with my new girlfriend. She fell asleep in my arms. 'It is these kind of moments that Blazek is doing it all, he realizes.

The mother has been transferred to the hospital. The fire brigade crew stayed with the children until they were picked up by family.

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