Find tourist beach again

Find tourist beach again

World August 13, 2016 13:00

- After a day without attacks, Hua Hin picks up the thread again. Find the beach of tourists and locals going back to work.

Friday was quiet in the village on the east coast of Thailand after four explosions: two on Thursday and two on Friday.,, They searched with dogs in the bushes for more explosives, 'says Astrid Kruijer, who is on holiday in the seaside resort.,, There was nobody on the beach actually. Quite a difference today. ''

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The bombs were hidden in planters and killed two people. A total of 25 people were injured, including four Dutch. Saturday can be seen the traces of the explosions, but mostly the locals just walk through the areas of disaster. They watch with ball bearings riddled tables, but walk unmoved by. And waat find the Thai moreover Friday stayed away their food stands and stalls, they know the tourists again.

,, Yesterday it as exciting, but today it is business as usual, '' Bass Zuidwijk review the situation.,, You see it all hardly. ''

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