Female sexual partner cut into pieces with circular saw

Female sexual partner cut into pieces with circular saw

World February 15, 2017 11:45

munich - Germany is in the grip of a gruesome murder case which is now the bizarre details come out the right to look into the facts. The 32-year-old Gabriele P. is suspected of her partner Alex H. having a circular cut into pieces during a runaway SM session.

The horror murder took place in December 2008, when Gabriele was 23 years old. She tied her 19-year-old partner to the bed and tied him blindfolded. Instead of a wild sex party, however, there was a terrible massacre, in which the student pedagogy took a saw in hand and one by one sawed the limbs of her sex partner. In the end they cut loose the head of her victim.

The body parts hid them in the attic, where they found a few months later by her new boyfriend, Christian K. Together, they decided to bury the body parts in plastic in the garden. bragged that he had done only last year the truth came to light when K. drunk at acquaintances.

The police raided the house and really liked Alex H. The remains autopsy showed that he was alive when his limbs were cut off.

The house where the horror scene took place was known by neighbors as the hippie-house, as was shown by German media during the trial. From outside it looks like an ordinary family house in a nice neighborhood, but behind the walls found wild sex parties place where drugs and alcohol played a major role, as P. affirmed Monday in court.

Christian K. has since been convicted for his part in the mercy killing of the body. He needs the court two years and nine months in jail, but goes into action. He says he did it out of love for Gabriele.

Gabriele K. hangs a life sentence over his head.

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