Feast for the gadget freaks

Feast for the gadget freaks

Tech September 7, 2016 13:15

- For many gadget enthusiasts is the most important day of the year today. Apple presents the new iPhone tonight 7. Exciting is not it anyway: the main changes compared to the current model have been leaked.

Apart from the lack of a headphone jack There is little startling the role. The design of the phone remains the same. Precisely changes in appearance are a reason to buy the latest phone for people who are sensitive to status.

However, the marketing continues to show which makes Apple product launches, a phenomenon that is on the agenda for many in thick letters. Also with competitor Samsung. The Koreans seemed to be clever by all early August launch their latest phone.
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Thus, they were able to show off a long month with new features before Apple would show the same. With luck go tonight critics accuse the major competitor Apple poverty of ideas for Samsung.

In the case of these new Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7, that would otherwise have been an insult. The phone is indeed better and faster than its predecessors, but has little to offer exciting.

Nevertheless, it went wrong. A defect in the battery ensures that the phone could explode. After a week of devastating publicity Samsung decided to recall. The loss of which is estimated at 1 to $ 5 billion, quite apart from the annoyance to consumers.
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'Manufacturers walk together to create crazy in this race,' judges technology expert Yuri van Geest. 'They want to take apart the wind out of the sails by launching before and that has now gone completely wrong with Samsung.'

Spirit takes the race to get the first understandable. 'If you come before with groundbreaking new features than your competitor, it helps in the sale. But the differences are mostly gimmicks. The new Samsung phone for example recognizes your eyes so you do not have a password need to enter. We're not the it solve global food crisis. '

It is expected that the iPhone 7 already half weeks available in some countries, including Germany. That was sometimes different. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs bluffed his way through his first iPhone presentation in 2007.

The phone was in fact far from finished. Much of the functionality that showed Jobs on stage, appeared to consist of videos and images. It was at that time still almost half a year until the phone was in the shops.

Apple is not the only one who today make a big announcement. Later in the evening, Sony presents the improved version of its latest game console, the PlayStation 4 (PS4). The company gave him the codename Playstation Neo.

The introduction is remarkable, because the PS4 is still fresh. At the first, second and third Playstation took six years before the successor was. The PS4, which is also significantly more expensive than its predecessors, was only launched in 2013.

However, Sony takes time for a successor. The main reason is the stormy rise of Ultra High Definition TVs (UHD). These provide better images, provided they are connected to a device that provides this support.

The PS4 can not provide such quality, and that problem should solve the version tonight. The question is to what extent this upgrade justifies consumers for the second time to dig deep into their pockets in three years to be up-to-date. 90 percent of Dutch households include a TV when the difference in picture quality is not at all to see.

It is certainly not that the launch is a success. To reduce the probability of failure, Sony should take a lesson from 2006 in mind. When presenting Microsoft Project Natal, the Xbox controller was unnecessary.

As the presentation Project Natal, however, had his Buckler moment. A technology fair Microsoft showed a promotional video in which a man and a woman at age did a shooting game.

The sound of the bullets made the two C-actors themselves. After the dramatic acting was nobody Project Natal more seriously.

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