Father guilty of murdering baby (6)

Father guilty of murdering baby (6)

World June 21, 2016 13:51

london - The 36-year-old father Ben Butler was found guilty of the murder of his six-year-old daughter Ellie. She died from the effects of a severe head wound after she was attacked in her own home by her father.

House Father Ben Butler hit his child death in a fit of anger, as the Court held in London. The girl was with very serious head injury found in her room. So says the Daily Mail British media.

According to prosecutors, the injuries were more similar to those of a serious car accident. Ben Butler claimed during the trial Ellie the horrific injury was sustained when she jumped up and down while watching the animated series Peppa Pig. But prosecutors said the wounds are too extreme for an accidental fall.
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The back of her head was a soggy mass, as the court heard. An investigation revealed that her death really could be attributed to Father Ben Butler. Her head had to clear his smashed with a heavy object or to throw her to the floor or wall. Medical experts describe the incident as 'one of the worst cases of violence in domestic circles.

The BBC reports that the father cried after the verdict in the courtroom: 'I will fight for all that is wrong. My daughter was jumping at home. I'm 100 percent innocent. 'Whereupon Ellie's mother, Jenny Gray (36) responded' Big mistake, go ten years in prison to prove your innocence. 'But Gray was convicted. She was laid cruelty against a dependent child and twisting the truth.

The daughter Ellie was at the time of the murder just eleven months under the supervision of her father. According to BBC News, the parents engaged in a long-running battle for custody for Ellie. Father Ben had to already answer for violence on his daughter. He would like Ellie baby have shaken too hard. It hangs after the murder of his child life imprisonment overhead.

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