FARC negotiators confirm agreement

FARC negotiators confirm agreement

World August 25, 2016 05:57

- After negotiations four years, the Colombian government and FARC reached a peace agreement. Representatives of Cuba and Norway were present at the negotiations were officially released.

Colombia holds an October 2nd referendum on peace with the FARC. The population must take a decision on the peace agreement in which the Colombian government and the rebels have negotiated in the Cuban capital Havana.

A senator who participated in the talks, said Wednesday that the treaty will be signed in late September. Provided the population agrees, there will finally end the conflict, which half a century ago broke and in total has cost more than 220 000 lives.
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     Party in the streets of Bogota during the live broadcast of the peace talks.
     Photo: EPA

Ferme after talks on the final details both camps came out last Tuesday according involved. In June, the Colombian government and the FARC A historic agreement in which the rebels renounced violence.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos received a call from Barack Obama congratulated him after publication. According to the White House sees the president,, this historic day '' as a critical moment,, '' in a long process to implement the peace agreement.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations welcomed the agreement. Like Obama Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of bringing into effect of the agreement.,, We will stay on the side of Colombia on his way to a peaceful future, '' he told an endorsement.

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