Family looking for heroes of Star (7)

Family looking for heroes of Star (7)

World April 12, 2016 11:56

- The 7-year-old Star family is looking for one of her rescuers. After the girl motionless Sunday was plucked from a pool, her family thought she was deceased. Thanks to a successful resuscitation Star is still alive, and can go home they might be today.

Sunday morning is the 7-year-old Star who has the mind of a 2-year, to the deeper pool of TerSpegelt recreation. According to her family, she was always looking for adventure. Danger does not see them. Not now.

It is transmitted through the gate by a boy. Probably by using her charms, 'says the family. The next moment she is in the water, where they will be noticed by Janneke ten Hoeve. She does not move. Judy thinks she tries to stay as long as possible under water.

When her husband Raymond takes pole height, she makes a striking motion. 'My husband did not trust it yet, and lifted her up,' Judy tells
Omroep Brabant. 'She was cold, colored blue and mucus came out of her nose and mouth. Then you get the fright of your life. '

The girl is taken to the side. Her father comes running in panic. 'His screams went to the bone,' describes Jane. 'He thought he had lost his daughter. 'The father immediately begins CPR. In addition, he was helped by another man. Meanwhile, all the parents took their children out of the water. Everyone watched.

Then comes the good news: the girl with colors. 'When the father raised his thumb, everyone was relieved,' said Judy.

The family wants to greatly thank the heroes of Star. Joost van Roij, spokesman for the family, writes on Facebook: 'Due to the quick and professional actions of our heroes, we have Star still with us....... Thank you dear dear dear heroes !!!! '

Star has just been in hospital. They may perhaps today back home. The family is still looking for the man who helped CPR. He gave the instructions. 'If someone we can tell who is this person, we would find that very fine,' Van Roij writes.

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