FairPhone 2 easy to repair

FairPhone 2 easy to repair

Tech November 19, 2015 21:56

- The 'honest' smartphone FairPhone 2 turns out to be very easy to repair. This is evident from an analysis of iFixit, that the phone has completely decompose. The device has a 10 received in the test.

The phone is only to make a normal flathead screwdriver open and all parts are easy to disconnect and replace. Only the screen, which stuck to the glass, is cause for complain, because a failure of the one must be either replaced immediately. However, it is not too serious, because virtually all new phones do this and so is relatively unavoidable.

The FairPhone is a Dutch initiative. The second will cost € 525 and offers a 5-inch large screen with 1080p resolution, a Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB RAM and runs Android 5. 1. Besides the fact that it is easy to fix, users could theoretically also purchase new parts and incorporate them into your phone.

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