Failure ABN Amro

Failure ABN Amro

Tech November 23, 2015 16:30

- Clients of ABN Amro on Monday suffering from a failure. The bank can not tell you how long the outage will last.

All malfunctions. ie the flow of complaints. Most problems are related to delayed transfers and recording with money.

So many account holders complain that they are at the checkout with a full shopping trolley and then find out that they can not settle. Complainants who are faced with this unpleasant surprise call this ' embarrassing '.

The ABN Amro 's website and on Twitter is nothing to read about failure. However, the care team of the bank is one after another complaint of twitterers to answer. If an employee writes : " It is wrong with the communication to the ATMs and POS terminals. We look at the possibilities. I hope that all problems are corrected quickly "

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