Failed Magic Trick

Failed Magic Trick

World July 4, 2016 14:45

- What just should have been a funny magic trick in a Polish live TV show, runs differently than planned. A huge nail digs into the hand of the presenter, which figured as an assistant to the magician.

The magician wanted in the breakfast program of the unfortunate presenter already glimpse lights of the semi-finals of a talent show.

The magician does for how nice and hard to strike up a paper bag. Presenter Marzena Rogalska then strikes with full force on the bag.
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Unfortunately her hand find not the right bag and stores packed in a nail.

First guess the guy that makes them joking when she groans in pain. Only when she drops by her knees, he has that serious.

Facebook let her know that it is now again going well with her. It has only a superficial wound of about held.

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