Facebookend Netherlands celebrates to Brexit

Facebookend Netherlands celebrates to Brexit

World June 24, 2016 15:09

- Thousands of digital thumbs go into the sky at the announcement that UK leaving the European Union. The vast majority of our readers on Facebook to find the so-called Brexit fantastic news and wait expectantly for a Nexit.

'Great news, which Brexit! The UK now shows that you do not need Europe to be happy. Now we have 'is the general sentiment among the readers.

Many Facebook users find Britain incredibly brave now they again take control of the direction. 'Finally, a country with balls!' Sounds encouraging from reader of Prattenburg. For Horst reader agrees with this: 'The first sensible country understands that the EU is a bottomless pit. Where you run out of money to stop in and which requires you what you can or can not do. '
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A satisfied reader Brexit defines as a 'historic day in history' and expects the endgame has begun to Europe.

Together with this lotfuitingen allow proponents of the Brexit speak their feelings about the position of the Netherlands in the European Union. Many readers hope the example to follow Britain and vote for this so-called Nexit. 'The first domino has fallen. This time also a referendum in the Netherlands. My voice is already clear. First a Brexit on a Nexit! 'Preaches reader Smedema.

'Let the happy coming back' and 'I Vote for retirement' are often heard reactions among readers. 'The 'Thumbs think' there's been a vote in itself,' another says. 'When will our referendum? I stand in front, 'let readers know Bogaard.

Or Netherlands would actually leave the EU, our readers seriously doubt. 'If the Netherlands with the majority wants to leave the EU, Rutte will there do not hold,' said Del Romano reader. Referring agrees with this: 'So, now we do. Or maybe not, because even though there is a referendum than Rutte still not listening to his Tokkies. '

Several readers see, however, did not sit a possible Nexit. 'The whole economy is collapsing at a Nexit and new commercial use is extremely difficult for our small country that is not up to the rest of the EU,' Tuijtelaars notes.

The Cocq also sees the potential financial impact bleak. 'When Nexit we go back to the guilder (inflation) and pays the market as if in Great Britain: a lot of money is not worth a bag. Best Idea of ​​the Netherlands? '

Others react skeptically, 'Rutte tries to influence people just by simply naming the disadvantages. Believe me, we save our best without Brussels. 'Van der Laan hooked into this:' It is the EU that is subject to the Netherlands, not vice versa. '

However, a small proportion of the readers remain sober among Brexit and the possible consequences. 'Ah, so exciting it all is not for most people. Some individuals will suffer from it. Everyone else does not have to worry about it, 'says Facebooker Hailey. 'Without the EU really the world will not,' another says.

Where most readers, both from the front and at camp, it does agree on is that they will observe with great interest the effect of the Brexit. 'Many people write that it is good to get out of Europe, but is that true?' Asks reader Duijnker himself. 'In the coming months we will hear different opinions. Interestingly, it is 'anyway

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