Fabricated rape based on book

Fabricated rape based on book

World August 18, 2016 19:30

london - The trial of a British girl who dragged her father to court for years of rape was a remarkable turn. The man seemed hopeless in the process, the only thing he could do was cast: 'I did not do it.' Fortunately for him, the tide turned.

The father would have raped the girl on a regular basis over a period of six years. The process seemed impossible to win for the father by the strong accusations of his daughter. So he took the specialized lawyer Cathy McCulloch under his arm.

They soon found something strange on the track on the basis of statements which sat the girl to the police. The lawyer of the father found the girl very mature sound in the detailed description of her confession and how they felt about it.
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Only on the first day of the trial spoke to the lawyer and her client (the father so) together. After a few minutes McCulloch discovered that 'Fifty Shades of Grey', the international bestseller by E. L. James, was the favorite girl's book. Then the lawyer decided myself to buy a copy and a quick read through. She noticed immediately how many similarities there were between the book and the story of the girl.

After the second day of the trial- which ended quickly- McCulloch analyzed the book of hours. The result: seventeen similar incidents.

The next day, after a cross-examination of some seven minutes, you know the girl. She had everything concocted to 'teach a lesson' her father. Because he 'ruined' her life, she said. The right triumphed in the end and the father was acquitted of all charges.

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