Eyebrow batros spotted for Belgian coast

Eyebrow batros spotted for Belgian coast

World July 18, 2017 12:27

zeebrugge - For the Belgian coast a eyebrow batros has been photographed. A rare observation, because this species of birds is predominantly on the Falkland Islands and in Chile.

Eyebrow batrosses can be seventy years old and have a maximum wingspan of 2.5 meters, knows Natuurpunt. The animal was seen last Sunday from the ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge. As experts confirm the observation, that is a unicum for Belgium.

Three years ago, a Jan-van-Gentenkolonie was spotted on the German island of Helgoland, a copy that had been returning every year. The nature organization suspects that the same albatross went Sunday. The bird would have been noted in recent weeks along the west coast of England and Scotland.

Fish and jellyfish include the menu of eyebrow batrosses. They regularly follow boats where fish waste is thrown overboard. By 2013 BirdLife International considered the birds as an endangered species.

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