'Extreme right network in German army'

'Extreme right network in German army'

World May 2, 2017 15:06

berlin - Indeed, five extreme right-wing people have been infiltrated in the German army. That was reported by German research journalists on Tuesday. Due to the disclosure, the German defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has given a visit to the United States.

The case came to light after the arrest of a 28-year-old army officer. The first Lieutenant, who had registered as a refugee from Syria, had hidden a gun in a toilet at the Vienna airport.

He got caught when he wanted to pick up the gun. Justice believes that the military wanted an attack, so that refugees would be blamed. The first lieutenant and a possible hanger are stuck.

Von der Leyen is also lying under fire. In an interview with the ZDF channel, she said Sunday: 'The army has a problem with the institution and clearly a weak line. 'The military union replied:' Leadership begins at the top. '

Von der Leyen would meet her United States colleague Mattis and officials of the United Nations on Wednesday.

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