Extreme delays at Spanish-French border

Extreme delays at Spanish-French border

World July 15, 2016 14:45

- Holidaymakers on the move must have the patience to Spain. New and existing border control concerns after the attacks in Nice for massive traffic jams to and from France. Especially holidaymakers en route between France and Spain should schedule plenty of extra travel time.

The Traffic Information Service (VID) reports that the French government has decided after the dramatic attack in Nice to monitor directly the border between France and Spain stricter.,, The A9 between Perpignan and Barcelona has turned into one big parking lot. Dutch travelers face the border in nearly 30 kilometer traffic jam. The waiting time thereby on increases to several hours. On the A63 between Bordeaux and Spain, five kilometers border traffic, 'said a spokesman.

Dutch holidaymakers on their way to France are also heavily in the file. Existing border controls are still maintained throughout the summer holidays here. Although the files are much longer than usual are not tightened controls between Belgium and France. On the E17 between Kortrijk and Lille is 10 kilometers traffic jam. Also on the E19 motorway between Brussels and France, it is certain (8 kilometers). The waiting time on the E17 is almost two hours. The VID warns Dutch to continue to the next era with border congestion.
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