Expand your home network throughout the home

Expand your home network throughout the home

Tech December 29, 2015 18:07

- A network cable is always the best way to expand your network within your home. Unfortunately it is not always possible to build a network around your home. Fortunately, there are several solutions you can use and combine to create the perfect home for you network.

         Anyone with an Internet connection have a home network, after all, every Internet provider delivers with a wireless router. Yet that is only the beginning. Internet you often enter the meter and your modem should be placed on a stable internet connection as close as possible to this ISRA- or subscriber-acquisition point. Nowadays almost always combined modem to the wireless router in one device. Useful for ISPs and for you when connecting, because you are using a single device directly online wirelessly. Unfortunately, the locked cupboard is not exactly the best place for your router. A wifi router emits the wifi signal in principle around the router, so it is best if your wireless router as centrally as possible in your home state. In practice, unfortunately, move your router tricky. Especially for ADSL, VDSL and cable internet, the modem / router that your provider gets as close as possible to the terminal. Do you have fiber optic internet, it is sometimes possible to the router that you get from your provider more central locations. Between the wireless router that you get from your provider and fiberglass fiber termination point at the meter box is a standard network cable. Which you can obviously make more, whether through cabling that you've neatly concealed in your wall for instance. Are you still tied to keeping your wireless router in a bad spot? Then there are lucky enough solutions to distribute your (wireless) network so throughout your home. In this article you some scenarios thereby find solutions to expand your network. In frameworks are the various products described with their advantages and disadvantages. HeatmapAls you want to improve the coverage of your wireless network, you can not just add more equipment. Start by mapping the coverage of your wireless network. This is done using a heat map, a map that you can see how the coverage of your network throughout your home. You can create a heatmap with the program Heat Mapper. For this you need a laptop with Windows that you can walk around in your house. By walking around Heat Mapper can using a floor plan of your home to determine how it is with the coverage of your wireless network. So you have quick insight into what the weaknesses of your network and allows you to apply the right improvements. On our website you will find further explanations on how to create a heatmap. EengezinswoningIn a typical three-storey house lives a family with children. What do you need? Working on zolderOp the attic is a work nook furnished. Obviously must be realized the Internet here. Pull a network cable to the attic is generally difficult, while for a fixed PC and network want to have a network connection. A powerline adapter is the easiest solution, possibly in combination with wifi. Gaming on the bedroom children often want online gaming on the PC or console. Besides a good speed in online gaming is the connection latency (the 'ping') to be as low as possible. A wired network connection, supplemented with a wifi access point, really is preferred. Is it really not possible, then use a HomePlug AV2 powerline adapter, possibly in combination with a built-in Wi-Fi access point. Tvin network in your living room includes a network connection to your television for your media player, smart TVs, audio streamer and so on. Can a network connection is not real? When does the TV coaxial connector using an adapter MoCa (eg Hirschmann MOKA 32) serves as a fast and stable network connection. The second adapter place you in the meter and plug it into your router. Runs not coax from your living room to the cupboard? Then use a powerline adapter. Ac in the woonkamerWij recommend a 802. 11ac access point or router in the living room. Ac works on 5GHz and use preferably in the same room. Ben often with the family in the living room at the same time doing all kinds of equipment, then a router with two AC-radios like to consider the ASUS RT-AC3200. The 2.4 GHz network and the access point usually provides enough coverage for the entire ground floor. AccesspointDe best way to expand the coverage of a wireless network, by adding an additional access point. You put the access point where you need extra coverage. The use of an access point, you do have a network connection is required at the place where you want to install it. You can use the same network name on a channel other than your primary router or you can choose a different network name. Both options have specific advantages. By another name are you sure you are connected to the correct access point. Basically switching devices with two access points with the same name on to the strongest access point, but it generates is not always good. A wifi access point you use to expand your WiFi coverage. Ground appartementIn an apartment living two people who only very high standards, yet do not want to make their internet connection of 50 Mbit / s for surfing. Use a flat 5 GHzIn play wifi problems even stronger than in a house because not only next to you, but also above and below your Wi-Fi networks operate. We recommend a 5 GHz access point in the living room on (802. 11n or 802. 11ac) to make sure you have enough wireless bandwidth. Perhaps it is possible to centrally adjust the router from the provider. Otherwise, a powerline adapter with built-in Wi-Fi access point is a good solution. Internet balkonIn in the kitchen on the other side of the apartment is the poor coverage, while Internet during cooking or at the adjacent balcony is desired. There can be a repeater in the hall hung enough strengthens the Wi-Fi network. A powerline adapter with wifi is also possible, especially if you already have one installed in the living room. Wifi-repeat unit repeater or range extender is a box that you will be strengthened in the socket and then plug the Wi-Fi signal coverage and your problems are solved. It is not very intuitive, but you need a repeater just do not hang up that you have no network. A repeater is indeed an amplifier and therefore it should be a good enough signal to strengthen. So you have to figure out where you still have a good signal and the repeater hang there. A rule of thumb is roughly in the middle between where your router and that you no longer have coverage. A repeater hang you about halfway between your wireless network and where you need extra coverage. Network without grenzenIn this house is a 500 Gbit / s fiber connection installed, and the network used intensively. Then everything everywhere of course be used at top speed! CentraalDe NAS NAS is a media fanatic a central part in the network and must be connected as soon as possible. The meter which is the heart of the network, is the appropriate place for the NAS. Network connector on one side in the woonkamerAan for the TV, media player and music streamer an 'average' network enough. You would with a Powerline adapter or cable network MoCa set and a switch may increase. But certainly if you have a game console, a NUC or mini-PC as a media player / streamer you are, you want a fast and stable signal with low ping. Then you will not include a wired gigabit network connection. Which also comes in handy for a WiFi access point. Ac-routerIn the living room where laptops are used, the wireless network should be as soon as possible. Therefore, placing a 802. 11ac router. And the wireless connection used by only one or two people, it is also an AC1750 router an excellent choice. An expensive copy provides no direct more speed, but works better with many devices simultaneously. Network connectivity over an Internet speed of 500 Gbit / s that you want to use on the first floor, there is only one option: a gigabit wired network connection. Powerline today promises or 1200 Mbit / s, but takes no more than 270 Mbit / s and that is not enough! Ideally, every room gets a dual gigabit network connection for the ultimate in flexibility and speed. Do you have fewer requirements than can satisfy Powerline and MoCA. AC on the first verdiepingEen 802. 11n network is on the ground floor still on the first floor. For 802. 11ac which makes use of the 5 GHz band can not. A power user therefore places on the first floor ac router or-accesspoint. Powerline adapter with wifiEen powerline adapter with built-in access point combined in many cases the strength of an access point and repeater. With a powerline adapter with wifi, you are at once ready: you provide a space both a wired network connection as a Wi-Fi access point. The placement is intuitive: you use it in the room where you need wifi. A powerline adapter with WiFi combines the strengths of an access point and repeater and place you in the room itself. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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