Excuses after JSF cookies

Excuses after JSF cookies

World December 9, 2015 16:49

oslo - The Swedish Government has apologized for a picture that is distributed via the own Instagram account. The plate could be seen Christmas cookies in the shape of a JSF fighter.

Some followers of theaccount that had criticized. according toThe local people found a fighter not in keeping with the Christmas spirit. There were also Instagram users indicating that Norway is now under pressure to compete in the bombing Islamic State.The critics were in their turn also criticized. Wrote one user : " People who react negatively to ginger cookies in the shape of fighters, really have a better use of time than necessary reaguursels laying out on the internet. "Nevertheless, there were apologies. When the photograph was of a cookie in the shape of a heart to read : " an account of the government also has a heart. We understand the reactions of many people on the fighter cookies and of course apologize. "

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