Exceptively high solar power of 8.7 measured

Exceptively high solar power of 8.7 measured

World June 11, 2017 14:25

amsterdam - At the Rijksmuseum voor Gezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) in Bilthoven, solar power was measured at 8.7 pm on Sunday afternoon, Weeronline weather agency reported. According to the agency, such a strong solar power rarely occurs in the Netherlands. In the last eleven years in Bilthoven at this single measuring point in the Netherlands, only two times earlier, a value above the 8 was measured.

Weeronline warns that after ten to fifteen minutes in the sun can cause skin burn. It is expected that the solar power will decrease slowly on Sunday afternoon.

According to Weeronline, the record was measured in our country on June 25, 1995 after a volcanic eruption in the Philippines in 1991. Due to the eruption, the ozone layer was thinning over the years, increasing the solar power.

Sunbath 8 is rare in our country, not even in the few years, and is related to the thickness of the ozone layer. If that temporarily is a little thinner, more UV radiation reaches the earth's surface.

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