Ex-Reverend (79) homeless after husband (24) dumps him

World December 29, 2017 09:42

- An ex-Reverend (79) who came into the news earlier this year because of his marriage to a 24-year model, is homeless. He was dumped by the young Romanian for whom he had bought a house.

The elderly Philip Clements from the town of Sandwich, Kent, and young Florin Marin met three years ago through a dating site. The couple married in April during an intimate ceremony.

The ex-reverend sold his house in England to buy a house in Bucharest, where the two together would become 'old' and happy. The Englishman put the house on the name of the Romanian. 'When everything went well I wanted to give him certainty after my death. I'll be 80 years old next year, 'says the man, who regrets British media.

A few days after he had put the apartment on the name of the 24-year model, the couple got into a fight and the relationship was broken. The cause: Marin spent nights in clubs where his partner was not welcome. 'Clubs are not for older people', he would have said.

'I regret having sold my house and bought that flat. I lost everything '. The man, who came out of the closet only after his retirement, has returned to England. He stays temporarily with friends, who are still waiting for him.

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