European watchdog warns of spyware

European watchdog warns of spyware

Tech December 15, 2015 18:28

brussels - Now the internet is getting more applications, also increases the risk of privacy violations. Thus, the market for spyware is growing, while the legislation lags behind in this area.

European privacy watchdog EDPS warns Tuesday the European countries and the ICT sector should not underestimate this problem. The organization calls for new EU legislation to the " real threat to our privacy and data " against it.

Surveillance Software, also known as spyware, may be useful for investigators, but may also undermine the protection of databases, computer systems and networks, says EDPS. The services should therefore give more insight and accountability

For example, to protect journalists in countries outside the EU work where the lower data protection standards, would trade in and use of spyware should be regulated much tighter. To avoid reporters, but also citizens are spied on, a coordinated approach is necessary, according to the watchdog.

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