European media should go ask Google money

European media should go ask Google money

Tech August 26, 2016 08:30

brussels - European publishers of news have digital platforms like Google Money may ask if search engines display fragments of their stories. That is a radical copyright reform which the European Commission is in the Financial Times puts the dot on the i.

Main part of the draft is that publishers have exclusive rights to make their content available online to the public. This would allow services like Google News are forced according to reach them for showing excerpts of stories. Publishers are the proposals not obliged to ask for money for showing a portion of the article.

The proposals, to be published in September, to contain the power of major online operators. Now their market share in areas such as search results is so great that negotiations are out of balance between the search engines and publishers.
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The revision will be the relationship between Silicon Valley and Brussels, which bickering increasingly on issues such as taxation and privacy, making it probably worse. The reform, however, would be required because of the dwindling income from news organizations, which diversity is compromised, so would stand in an internal document.

Spain and Germany have already once tried in vain to make Google pay to display news stories. A levy imposed Spanish Google responded by shutting down Google news in that country. And in Germany many publishers decided after a huge decline in visitors to abandon their money continues to pop up among the search engine results.

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