European border guard in the making

European border guard in the making

World December 14, 2015 19:42

brussels - To strengthen the external borders of the European Union is a European border and coastguard necessary. Who gets the power to intervene when a country border control itself can not in order.

Even without a country so requests. And that is the European member states very sensitive. Poland has already indicated not see much merit in this significant expansion of the current Warsaw-based Frontex border control saga shelf.

The European Commission (EC) comes Tuesday with a proposal on this subject in an attempt to defuse the migration flows. This year, between January and November 1.5 million refugees in Europe. That there were in the previous five years a total of just over 800 000.

If the plan is approved, the Member States must be a " reserve pool " with experts to rig, capable within a few days to deliver at least 1,500 border guards as " immediate action " is needed. They should also vessels and other equipment such as fingerprint equipment made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable.

An important new task of the Agency is to identify weaknesses in border controls, so that action can be taken in time. If a country to get the opinions which risk not being followed or decisions should not perform timely Brussels mandating the European Border and Coast Guard in action.

Now Member States Frontex for help, but " front-line state " Greece refused for a long time. With the new powers of the European Border Guard may indeed be independent in action, for example a sudden increase in the number of refugees.

Furthermore, the number of rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea be extended. Drones are also used to combat traffickers and often shaky but packed boats to detect. The organization also receives the right to self- organize return flights for those who have no right to asylum.

Later this week by France and Germany supported the proposal first discussed by political leaders at a summit in Brussels.

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