EU wants Turkey to approach migration clinched

EU wants Turkey to approach migration clinched

World November 27, 2015 19:00

brussels - Turkey and the EU will join forces for the large numbers of refugees to Europe to a halt. That is the commitment of a summit Sunday between the leaders of the EU countries and Turkey.

Europe knows that if it wants to stem the flow of refugees, then with Ankara should work together. So the EU is ready with 3 billion euro significantly affecting in their pockets and to make commitments in the accession process around and visa-free travel for the Turks to the EU.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said this week that at present Syrian refugees come to Europe because they flee the conflict but the conditions of reception in Turkey. He assured that the EU money that the EU makes available, to which the Netherlands will contribute 117 million euros, it will spread and not on the bill in Ankara. Furthermore, there really is not put into question the strict criteria governing entry and visa, Europe is only prepared to accelerate the process.

In turn, Turkey is the border with Europe, particularly towards Greece, " completely closed " must keep. The country must take back migrants who have traveled to the EU from Turkey but who are not entitled to asylum in Europe.

Diplomats put the finishing touches to the final declaration. They hope that it almost was negotiated before the summit begins, so that the leaders can talk about other issues such as the escalating war in Syria and the fight against international terrorism.

Thorny questions addressed to Turkey are sure. There is the downing of a Russian fighter by the Turks, but also the imprisonment of journalists. MEPs call on the EU to discuss the freedom of the press and of expression are also on the top. " It should be clear that cooperation also requires respect for fundamental rights ", said Marietje Schaake D66.

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