'EU: Google must impose cease own products'

'EU: Google must impose cease own products'

Tech October 3, 2016 08:39

brussels - The European Commission intends to recommend Google to stop paying smartphone makers to pre-install Google Search exclusively on their devices. The company does not, Google can look forward to a hefty fine, news agency Reuters reports based on an EU document.

The over 150-page document was sent last week to the complainants for feedback. In April, Google already received a version in which the European Commission, the company accused of abusing the dominant position of the Android mobile operating system to shut out competitors.

The European competition regulators like the US tech giant try to instruct to stop payments or giving discounts to manufacturers of mobile phones in exchange for pre-install the Google Play Store with Google Search. The supervisors also want to prevent Google smartphone makers forces to pre-install its proprietary apps like the producers will make less use of competitive Andriod-based operating systems. Google can not punish or threaten companies if they do not agree to his conditions, as would be in the document.


The research of the European Commission was initiated following a complaint lodged in 2013 by Fair Search, a lobbying group that is supported by companies wanting to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by the market dominance of the search engine.

Google would according to the document could face a hefty fine, since the practices, which started in January 2011, still persist. '' The commission plans to set the fine at such a height that it has a sufficiently deterrent effect. ''\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Good for competition

Google has announced it shown to show the European Commission that the company's Android model is so designed that it is good for both competition and consumers.

The committee, which Google also accused of giving preference to its own retail services at the expense of rivals, the tech giant is also in that case impose a fine, as Reuters has further been informed. Google must classify potentially competing retail services in the same way as their own services.

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