EU encouraged Rome: invest in road and rail

EU encouraged Rome: invest in road and rail

World August 16, 2018 15:48

brussels - The EU has repeatedly urged Italy to invest more and more targeted money in the country's infrastructure. Italy will also receive 2.5 billion euros from the EU structural funds between 2014 and 2020 for the improvement of road and rail. In April, the European Commission approved an investment plan of 8.5 billion euros, including for the approach to motorways in and around Genoa.

That said a committee spokesman in response to the accusation of Minister Matteo Salvini (Interior) that EU budget rules prevent Rome from spending money on safe roads. He said that shortly after Tuesday the Morandi traffic bridge in Genoa collapsed.

'It's time to put a number of things right,' said the spokesperson. 'Italy is one of the countries that benefit most from the budgetary flexibility that Brussels allows. Member States are free to set priorities. The EU has formally encouraged Rome to spend more on infrastructure. ''

Brussels also considers the costs of receiving migrants and the earthquakes in Italy as a mitigating factor in the assessment of the budget.

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