EU and US already agree on new dates treaty

EU and US already agree on new dates treaty

Tech October 27, 2015 12:10

- A new data agreement between the European Union and the United States would again be on the table, writes Wall Street Journal. A new agreement is needed because the old Safe Harbour agreement has been invalidated by a ruling of the European Court of Justice.

The Court ruled that the data transfer of European data to the USA by American companies no longer allowed because of privacy rules in the States are not consistent with the European. Incidentally, there has since 2013 also from the European Commission already criticized the old Safe Harbour agreement because it would no longer offer enough protection against the espionage activities of the American intelligence agency NSA.

Major American Internet companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft were not happy with the loss of Safe Harbour. In the absence of an agreement between the EU and US companies should independently make arrangements with European regulators. This would create a lot of work and cost.

According to European Commissioner Jourova the new agreement provides enough protection for Europeans. Their data can be sent according to the Czech to and from the US without problems. The US Department of Economic Affairs will monitor the new agreement on the actions of US companies.

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