Essential document fallen soldier search

Essential document fallen soldier search

World July 8, 2016 16:54

- Shortly after the fall of Srebrenica shows an essential document about the death of soldier Raviv of Renssenstraat looking to be touched by the Royal Military Police. The piece has only been resurfaced by dumb luck when a retired soldier home.

This tells the father of the on July 8, 1993- just before the fall of the enclave- fallen soldier today in an interview with The Associated Press. The Ministry of Defence confirmed the events surrounding the so-called official report of findings.

For Ben Renssenstraat (75) was out extremely painful because he did not know which his son had come just killed thick thirteen years. Shot with a small caliber weapon, shotgun or a grenade were based on witness statements all realistic options.
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     Photo: Oorlogsgravenstichting

When the truth was just the record essential because the document and its attachments contain the thirteen immediately after the event recorded witness statements and results of trace evidence. It will provide a clear picture emerges of what happened with Raviv of Renssenstraat: a hand grenade was fatal.

The document was prepared by the Defence after Srebrenica fell to the Bosnian Serbs by two military policemen under their clothes smuggled to safety. Then disappeared. Eventually it came during research where Van Renssenstraat for years lobbied above water. A trooper was standing it on a floppy disk and helped researcher General b. d. Hans Bosch in a statement.

Defense and evidences around Srebrenica are not a happy combination. A roll with photographs taken by a soldier when the run of the genocide would be visible, was screwed up in their own development laboratory. So the shots were no longer usable. The roll of film for the symbol was trying to stop the truth about the tragedy of Srebrenica under the carpet.

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