Entry ban Trump again under pressure

World December 23, 2017 05:48

san francisco - The Court of Appeal of San Francisco ruled Friday that the last entry ban of President Donald Trump should not apply to people who have a strong relationship with the United States.

It concerns people from six predominantly Muslim countries who, for example, have family members living in the US. The regional Court of Appeal is one of two courts that examine the third version of the entry ban. The Court states that the prohibition may be maintained for people who have no relationship with persons or companies in the US. As soon as the Court of Appeal in Richmond has handled the entry ban, it will be presented to the Supreme Court again.

The Supreme Court ruled at the beginning of this month that the ban can be fully implemented. Now that the Court of Appeal in San Francisco does not agree with all the points of the entry ban, it is awaiting what the appeals court in Richmond does and what the Supreme Court finds of the motivation of the Court of Appeal. The restriction of Trumps entry ban could only take effect if the Supreme Court is included in the judgment of the appeals court.

The most recent entry ban affects residents of Iran, Syria, Chad, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. Moreover, people with North Korean nationality are not welcome and a number of government officials from Venezuela. The Trump government wants the measure to reduce the terrorist threat for the US. The countries in question do not meet US safety requirements to be able to issue visas.

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