Enter the Belgian its own chips but

Enter the Belgian its own chips but

World November 24, 2016 15:33

brussels - Flanders is preparing for the French Fry Week, which starts Monday. To enhance the mood, is a promotional film made in which a Belgian with his family Netherlands entering, after the border turns immediately and hurries back to Belgium to eat a chip stall real Flemish fries.

'Still Efkes' cries father as the sign looming Netherlands. Immediately afterward he steps on the brake, turns and heads to the snack bar where the family embarks on the fries with a fat dollop of mayo.

'So the feeling of coming home created, which is funny and recognizable scenario,' explains Flemish Centre for Agricultural and Fishery Marketing (Flame) Thursday in a press release to. Ask a Belgian after all, what he does first when he returns from abroad and he says, eating french fries.

Nearly half of all Flemish people eat at least once a month fries at his favorite chip shop. That can best more, find frituristen, professional bakers fries. In 2000 they launched the Week of French fries, and a Flemish fries song.

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