Engineering Room on thread

Engineering Room on thread

Tech November 18, 2015 18:30

- The technical installations of the House partly hung by a thread. The Chamber used there because computers that are so old that there are only two people who know of. According to a letter from Minister Stef Blok (National) over the much-discussed renovation plans for the Courtyard.

" For example, some of the technical installations of the House of Representatives controlled by computers for 1992. The supplier and maintenance company currently has in the Netherlands, only two people on staff who have knowledge of these outdated software and hardware. Also, components are often no longer available ", writes the minister.

He outlined in his letter a disturbing picture about include fire risk at the Courtyard and support structures that are no longer safe. It is an elaboration of the problems and possible solutions, why different sides had requested. The Senate and most political parties have trouble with the facelift that wants to run the government.

The Courtyard should be restored according to the plans at once, and in 5.5 years. It completely closes. Users must bivouac in that period in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the building of the Supreme Court.

This costs will cost up to 475 million euros. The government wants no redevelopment that the complex remains in use. That would be 125 million more expensive, last thirteen years and pose great risks as building noise, fire and malfunction.

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