End story for smart juice press

End story for smart juice press

Tech September 5, 2017 10:12

san francisco - The cloth has fallen for Juicero, the creator of a smart juice press, which has symbolized the sometimes useless hypothesis of Silicon Valley. The sale has been suspended, customers can recover their money. Juicero had already fired in July and announced other measures to rescue the company, but it did not work.

The stylish Juicero press, which can make Wi-Fi internet connection, came to the market for $ 699 in March last year. The device can only push special design bags with shredded organic fruit and vegetables. For pressing, the device must scan the QR code on the bag. To get those bags, users had to unsubscribe from Juicero. Every week they received five bags at home, from 5 to 7 dollars each.

Juicero received $ 120 million from investors, including Google, to develop the device.

From the beginning there was much criticism of the press, it was seen as the ultimate luxury object. An overly advanced solution to a problem that is not a problem, critics said. After a few months the price dropped to $ 399. Too bad of disaster, Bloomberg Press Office found that people were able to push juice with a muscle force. The press was not needed at all.

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