Emergency landing for 'odor incident'

Emergency landing for 'odor incident'

World October 15, 2017 11:12

paris - An EasyJet flight from Mallorca to Luton (England) has made emergency landing in Paris because the device had developed a 'overwhelming odor'.

The landing of flight EZY2278 took place on October 3, but details of the incident are now only outside. In Paris, the co-pilot had to be discharged with an ambulance. A stewardess and several passengers were hit unwell, a child should have surrendered to the back of the device.

Technicians who investigated the device subsequently found a leak from which hydraulic fluid was released. That would have caused the smell.

According to a spokesman for EasyJet, there has never been a danger. 'The commander has decided to depart to Paris because the flight attendant and some passengers had become unwell. The landing was carried out without any problems, 'he declared against the Daily Mail.

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