Electric holiday remains challenge

Electric holiday remains challenge

World July 17, 2016 10:18

- The electric car on holiday to the South of France? A car with a limited range on one battery charge, many vacationers will shrink from.

Yet more and more electric drivers go adventure, helped by the steady increase in charging stations and with the help of apps and websites that tell where the loading options.

,, Electric drivers should have their travel especially good plan, 'said Ton Huyskens BOVAG.,, In addition, they must take into account, ie they do not enter the file on Black Saturday and the air conditioner drain the battery. 'Huyskens stressed that it only 10. 000 fully electric cars is in the Netherlands, but few go on vacation with them. There are many more drivers of hybrid cars, which can rely on a full tank of petrol or diesel.'
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The number of reports to the Emergency fully electric cars abroad is very modest.,, Last year we had 254 reports of unlucky fully electric cars, for example against 14. 000 petrol cars, 'said Ad van ANWB Vonk.,, Electric drivers will be surprised not very quick on vacation by a flat battery. They have to pay attention to the different payment methods of charging stations. We say that it is still a challenge. '

Many people drive their cars for business and often offer leasing companies swap cars for holidays. Some electric drivers will find it just a sport to see how far they can come with their car.,, Movies, they then put on Youtube, 'says Koos Burgman Electric Riders Association (VER).,, Many of our members want to promote electric vehicles. 'Through the forum and via websites like ChargeMap. com they share experiences about charging stations abroad.

Tesla them that stage of pioneering all over, says communications manager Berith Behrens. The manufacturer itself has established a network of so-called super chargers and charging stations from Norway to Spain. The cars are equipped with devices that guides you to the next loading place.,, To stand with a dead battery along side, you should really ignore the signals, 'said Behrens.,, We see that people with a new car just first make a road trip to for example Paris or Berlin. '

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