Electors together

Electors together

World December 19, 2016 17:42

new york - D-day approaches, The New York Post this morning on the front page. But whether the Hillary Clinton supporters today Donald Trump really still in the drive wheels, the question now 538 electors in the Electoral College meet to cast their vote.

Restless it is in some capitals of American states. As in the Austin Texas where dozens of people demonstrating outside the Texas State Capitol. They are dissatisfied with the American electoral system and that Clinton by nearly three million more votes than Trump surely can not be the new president.

In Texas until now to write the first Republican who will not vote for Trump. But danger not thereby Businessman runs. There are at least 37 Republicans needed that their party disloyalty and therefore as 'faithless elector' will go through life. Something that is very unusual.

But the election of 2016 stacked surprise surprise, then, political pundits dared nothing ruled out.

A group of American celebrities led by Martin Sheen grabs the last straw and try to bring the electors with commercials mind. And several Democratic electors demanded CIA briefing before the vote to get more information on possible Russian interference in the elections. But no response has been given.

In the capitals of the states are the electors the entire day together. Vermont was one of the first one. Since the electors followed the elections and went three votes to Clinton.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

In New York State Bill Clinton will be the elector to vote for his wife. Hawaii will, at 01. 00 pm Dutch time, the last state where the votes are cast.

Our US correspondent Herman tribe following the developments and will report on this once exciting day for the United States.

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