Elderly woman (90) falsely appointed as internet clerk

Elderly woman (90) falsely appointed as internet clerk

World July 6, 2017 22:27

helmond - An elaborate Helmondse has been seriously compromised because its phone number has been abused by Internet service providers. Victims think that the 90-year-old woman is involved in the so-called 'Microsoftscam' but the police emphasizes Thursday that she is not a culprit. The woman does not even have a computer and will report identity fraud.

The police report that malicious victims have discovered the address of the woman and that she is wrongly accused of the internet. 'She has experienced a lot of nuisance, but she is not a victim but a victim. '

According to the police, the scammers can call any number and in this case the number is used by the ignorant 90-year-old. Victims are called by people who act as Microsoft employees. They take over the home computer and install malicious software, plunder the bank account or ask for a lot of money for help. This year, eight hundred Dutch people became victims.

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