Elderly blunders with cocaine in control

Elderly blunders with cocaine in control

World December 5, 2015 08:56

seattle - " What is that? Are you taking the mickey ? " An agent from the US Seattle could not believe his eyes when a 73-year-old man in front of him trying to sniff cocaine. Elderly motorist claimed then that he only " vitamins " wanted to take.

The man had just been put on the side because he was driving without lights. While the agent checked the papers of the driver, the man decided to treat himself to a pinch of coke. That turned out not a good idea : the bewildered policeman saw the motorist pulled the white powder from a vial.

The confrontation is seen on camera footage from the police car. " Are you really going to snort cocaine on the side of the road ", wanted to know the cop ?. The driver was startled in turn so bad that the white powder on his hands and the floor of the car landed. The defense that he swallowed vitamins alone, did not last long.

Finally recognized the man that it was perhaps not a good idea to use cocaine during a police check, the police said Friday. He was arrested.

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