Egypt's court will impose a death penalty 20 times

Egypt's court will impose a death penalty 20 times

World July 2, 2017 15:09

cairo - An Egyptian court condemned twenty men to the death penalty on Sunday. They were right to kill police officers during the violent acts that followed the military captured by the Islamic president in 2013.

In the case, 156 suspects were in favor of what became known as the 'Kerdasa incident', a reference to the neighborhood where the violence took place in the province of Giza at Cairo. The court sentenced eighty people to life imprisonment and 34 suspects to fifteen years of cell.

Armed Islamist men fired grenades on a police station in Kerdasa on 14 August 2013, after which the office was put on fire. This happened several hours after security forces had killed hundreds of protesters.

A lower court initially sentenced 183 people to the death penalty. The convicted persons appealed to the Court of Cassation. The one that had to deal with 156 suspects.

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