Egypt blocked statement V counsel about Turkey

Egypt blocked statement V counsel about Turkey

World July 16, 2016 20:24

- The United Nations Security Council is Saturday did not come with a statement of condemnation of the violence and unrest in Turkey. Egypt, one of the fifteen members, a statement blocked which it called on all parties to respect,, the democratically elected government of Turkey. '

The draft declaration, concern was expressed about the situation in Turkey. The author called on to show the parties to exercise restraint, avoid further violence and bloodshed and urgent to put an end to the crisis in order to restore the rule of law.

To make such a statement needs consensus exist. Egypt refused to vote in accordance with diplomats arguing that the Security Council is not to determine whether a government has been democratically elected to the position. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a former general who forced Mohamed Mursi in 2013 drove off. The leader of Muslim Brotherhood, who enjoyed the support of Turkey, had won the elections.
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