'Ecuador is considering putting Julian Assange out of embassy'

World January 9, 2018 18:54

quito - The Ecuadorian government is thinking to expel WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the embassy in London after he has been in a fight with President Lenin Moreno via Twitter.

That Assange is 'thrown out' is not yet certain, but according to the Daily Mail that is what is being driven. Officially let the country know that it is looking for mediators to solve the issue around controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, MarĂ­a Fernanda Espinosa, calls the situation 'untenable'.

Assange has been granted political asylum in the embassy of the South American country in London, but in recent months he has been in fierce debate with President Lenin Moreno, after the latter asked Assange not to comment on Catalan independence. That was against the sore leg of Assange, who sided with the separatists.

Espinosa did not say who can mediate. In Sweden and the US, the controversial media channel was sought for completely different reasons. Assange did not want to make himself available in the context of a Swedish police investigation out of fear that Sweden would send him to the US. The Swedish investigation has now been discontinued, but Assange is now afraid that the British will hand him over to the US.

Washington is outraged by his revelations in 2010 of confidential information about, among other things, operations of the military forces in the Middle East. The beleaguered Australian has been in the embassy of Ecuador in London since June 2012.

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