Easy breaking into a modern home

Easy breaking into a modern home

World May 3, 2018 07:51

amsterdam - Nice all those modern devices and electronic security in your house, but burglars and other malicious parties have free rein.

A test from the consumer union with our southern neighbors shows that many gadgets are so poorly secured that someone with bad intentions can at least make a big mess of your home.

But the 'ethical hackers' who enabled Test-Aankoop also found out that electronic locks of your home can easily be opened remotely, writes Het Nieuwsblad.

In order to take the test, Test-Aankoop set up a modern home with nineteen popular smart devices, such as a refrigerator, alarm system, thermostat, printer, children's tablet, door lock, loudspeaker and even a robot vacuum cleaner. Then the consumer organization asked two ethical hackers to try to break into the devices.

The results are shocking. Almost half of the devices have security holes, and that can have unpleasant consequences. This enabled the hackers to disrupt the thermostat or to push the entire paper supply of a printer through it.

But the consequences can also be more serious, especially when it comes to devices with which you can monitor and secure your home. In the case of a smart door lock or a security camera, for example, you run a real risk as a consumer.

Through a simulated break-in, the hackers managed to remotely take over a camera and door lock via the web account page of the devices. Camera off, door open, hackers inside. When the sensors and the smoke detectors were also manipulated, nothing stood in the way of the hackers.

Furthermore, Test-Aankoop found that a number of seemingly innocent products proved to be far from flawless. In a children's watch, with which parents can exchange spoken messages with their children, the communication was insufficiently secured and the hackers were able to intercept the messages between parent and child.

In the case of a children's tablet, they even managed to view the child through the camera and contact them via the microphone. It was also possible to send images and videos to the tablet.

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