Duterte wants to sail own foreign currency

Duterte wants to sail own foreign currency

World September 26, 2016 14:15

- The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte wants to pursue its own foreign policy independent of the United States. He plans to visit Russia and China this year to \'open alliances,\' he said Monday.

With China, the Philippines have a dispute over the South China Sea. An arbitration court in The Hague rejected in July the Chinese claims to the waters, in a case filed by the Philippine government.

Duterte said the Philippines does not want to get involved in a maritime conflict, should it be initiated by the US. Despite a treaty in 1951, which also support according Duterte Manila itself obliged Washington.

\'I'm about the Rubicon between me and the US about stabbing,\' Duterte said. \'It's a point of no return is possible. \'

Duterte falls almost daily to the US, the former colonial power in the Philippines. Monday, he accused Washington of \'hypocrisy\' and said Americans still \'lording it over us. \'

The US has, among other criticisms of his approach to the narcotics problem in his country, which mainly is to kill drug traffickers and users. Duterte since June 30, took office has that campaign average claimed more than forty lives daily.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

It is still unclear what effect will have bursts of Duterte to relations with US. In the first half of October are scheduled joint military exercises.

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